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CLUB04005 Beard Circus Special Club

Beard Circus Special Club

The undecorated version of the Circus club, with white handles and coloured bodies, and black knobs and ends. The handle is a white spiral wrap with...

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CLUB04005A Beard Circus Stage

Beard Circus Stage

Classic circus styling adorns this club which is structurally similar to the undecorated version - 8 metallic stripes along the length of the...

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CLUB04006 Beard Euroclub

Beard Euroclub

The medium weight and spin of the European make it compatible with just about any other club, not too fast, not too slow. Traditional European style...

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CLUB04015 Beard Luminous Radical Fish Club

Beard Luminous Radical Fish Club

Self-explanatory? Fully luminous body and handle in the same radical style. Black knobs and ends. Weight 220g

CLUB04009 Beard Photon Club - Luminous

Beard Photon Club - Luminous

Similar feel to the European club. Both body and handle glow brightly after charging under a bright light or under U.V. Most performers doing U.V....

CLUB04010 Beard Radical Fish Piranha Club

Beard Radical Fish Piranha Club

Wide bodied radical Fish club. Available in red, purple, yellow, blue, green and orange. br> White handle, black knobs and ends

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BOOK0101002 Club Juggling Step By Step booklet

Club Juggling Step By Step booklet

Published by Butterfingers Books, the Step by Step booklets are probably the best value instruction booklets available. They are basically extracts...

BOOK0301002 Compendium of Club Juggling

Compendium of Club Juggling

The companion volume to the "Encyclopaedia " is written and illustrated in the same style and was almost named 'The Galaxy's Greatest Guide to...

CLUB04001 Flare One Piece Club

Flare One Piece Club

This improved version of the original Flare club now has a fully rounded knob, which makes it ideal for club swinging. It's also perfectly jugglable,...

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DVD017 Haggis McLeod's Complete Teach Yourself Juggling DVD

Haggis McLeod's Complete Teach Yourself Juggling DVD

This 55 minute, fast action DVD combines sophisticated graphics and slow motion action replays to take the complete beginner to four ball ace. Haggis...

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