Yo Yos

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YOYOA03001A Bundle of 100 YoYo Strings

Bundle of 100 YoYo Strings

Bundle of 100 YoYo Strings for Henrys YoYos. Choose from white, orange, green or yellow. 100% Cotton.

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YOYO05010 Duncan BumbleBee YoYo

Duncan BumbleBee YoYo

If you're looking for one of the most classic loopers around, you've got to try the Duncan BumbleBee YoYo. Using Duncan's Brake Pad response, a long...

YOYO05005 Duncan ButterFly YoYo

Duncan ButterFly YoYo

Duncan is the worlds best selling YoYo. The Duncan Butterly is the classic, In fact, so classic is this YoYo that 'butterfly' has become the term to...

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YOYO05011 Duncan DragonFly

Duncan DragonFly

The DragonFly is a flared shaped ball-bearing YoYo, rim-weighted for long spin times. With a special, modified flared shape, the DragonFly is great...

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YOYO05004 Duncan Imperial YoYo

Duncan Imperial YoYo

The Duncan Imperial is the original YoYo from Duncan which was introduced in 1929. This model continues to delight and challenge players with its...

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YOYO05009 Duncan Mosquito

Duncan Mosquito

The Duncan Mosquito YoYo has a butterfly shaped body with a high speed ball-bearing axle. The Mosquito features an aerodynamic rim-weighted shape,...

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YOYO05007 Duncan ProFly with Learning DVD

Duncan ProFly with Learning DVD

The Duncan ProFly is similar to the ProYo and features the classic fixed axle but with with a modified butterfly shape. It is rim-weighted, and can...

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YOYO05006 Duncan ProYo

Duncan ProYo

The Duncan ProYo has a classic fixed axle with a modified imperial shape. It is rim weighted, and can be taken apart. It features a patented...

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YOYO05012 Duncan Pulse Light up YoYo

Duncan Pulse Light up YoYo


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YOYO05008 Duncan Reflex YoYo

Duncan Reflex YoYo

This is Duncans first automatic return YoYo. Auto return means that when you throw the YoYo down and make it sleep, a clutch will kick in and make...

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